Going to War

Great post about Going to War. Not literally. But preparing yourself for the unknown that can become known at any instant. Very powerful and an important lesson for all.


I am almost always at war. This can mean several different things, and while I have never been in an actual war the metaphor is a good one. I know many people write about this so stick with it and hopefully some of this might help you flourish a little more.

The war can take the form of anything. It can be a conversation with someone important, a small battle that could turn the tide of the greater war going on. It can be a test at work or school that you need to pass. It can be an evasive maneuver to avoid something in the road. It can be an illness that comes and goes. Any challenge you come upon is a battle, often with only one winner and one or more losers. It is your job to be the former.

The time to prepare is now. Don’t just run…

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