The Feeling Strong Effect

There’s a really amazing psychological and biological effect that occurs in the gym that is one of the most rewarding and fun things about working out that everyone needs to experience. What I’m describing here is the endorphin release and the “feeling strong” effect (what I call it). So hopefully everyone has experienced this once in their life, but for those who haven’t and even those that have, I’ll describe what happens briefly, but more importantly, what it stands for.

Basically what’s going on is that when you are having a really great lift, run, etc. your body releases endorphins and adrenaline that rushes through your body. It makes you feel like the strongest f**cking person in the gym. You walk away feeling strong and feeling like you just had a great workout.

This is something that cannot be taken lightly. This response means you’re working hard. And working hard is the only thing you should be doing when you’re in the gym.

It doesn’t matter how skinny, fat, or perfectly proportioned you are – if you’re in the gym working hard, sweating, triggering this biological response and doing it right – that is one of the most respectable demonstrations of character that I personally can think of. Because whether or not you are in shape, you’re in the gym. You’ve made that first step. However there needs to be a little more than just physically being in the gym. Going to the gym means working hard. And hard for you may very well be running for just 10 minutes on the treadmill at a 10 minute/mile pace, but if that’s the HARDEST you can work and you are trying as hard as you can, it shows that you ARE a strong person.

Strength isn’t only about how much weight you can lift in the gym. Strength is character. Constantly working as hard as you can (at anything) is strength. Knowing that you are not just going through the motions in the gym, that you are triggering that adrenal and endorphin release which is your body saying “this feels good and you got this”, should make you feel like the strongest person in the world. You are physically and personally growing stronger through weights and through character building.

If you have that mentality and excitement going into the gym, you will quickly reap the benefits and results. I challenge you to go to the gym and attempt to achieve this response. Put on some great music and go out all. When you do it right, this reaction is addictive – it’s fun and it feels great and makes you want to work even harder. So don’t worry about the numbers or what people think of you, just work hard.

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