Happiness is a Choice

It’s funny to notice around the holidays that everyone seems to be a bit happier. Call it the “Christmas Spirit” or something, but people are generally in a better mood around the holidays. The music we hear is positive and fun, the news doesn’t JUST cover all of the sad and awful things going on in the world and instead covers nicer, more family friendly topics often revolving around the holidays. We make a deliberate decision to be happier around the holidays with our family and friends, and things just tend to feel happier all around. What is very important to keep in mind, however, is that all of this happiness, joy, and hope, is a choice.

I try to live by the phrase “Happiness is a Choice” because I truly believe in it – and so should you.

While there are always awful things going on in the world or in your personal life, there are two responses people often take. The first is choosing to be sad, remorseful, and mope around and let their negative emotions overcome them. The second is choosing to see the good in every situation, to choose to see the lighter side of things and recognize that life goes on and that only you stand in the way of being happy. If we continue to choose to be upset and sad, those feelings multiply and perpetuate. If you are able to snap out of it and choose happiness, you can forget, forgive, and move on.

Let go of your sadness. Everyone else goes through the same situations as you. It’s life. There are 7 billion people all capable of having the same feelings and emotions as you, and a lot of these people are living in much worse conditions who have even more to complain about and be sad about than you do. There’s something to be said about being upset and being sad. I’m not saying you should never ever be sad because others are starving. But things most often could be worse.

If you’re not spending the majority of your life embracing it and choosing happiness, is that the kind of life you want to look back at and remember? Life goes on, and what remains are the memories you create and the people you share them with. Negativity and having a negative outlook on all things prevents you from seeing the good in people, cherishing those moments, and making other people’s lives happier through your own positivity. Your sadness and negativity can be contagious, which is doing a disservice to us all. Your happiness, however, is also contagious and will benefit everyone around you.

Recognize your sadness, gather your thoughts and emotions, and realize that it will pass in time. Life moves quickly, so choose to be happy now before it’s too late. 


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