It’s Time to Wake Up – Will Power is EASY

A lot of people often say to me that they’re jealous of my “Will Power” and that they wish they were as mentally strong as me. This discussion usually arises from the fact that I go to the gym 5 days a week and I maintain a fairly strict diet and often times pass on dessert and a lot of junk food. But I’m here to tell you that it’s time to wake up. Having “Will Power” is easy. Everyone can have a very strong “Will Power” because all you have to do (in most cases) is start small and just say no.

If you’ve read previous blog posts of mine then you know that I am a huge advocate for setting attainable and practical health and fitness goals. So is it really that difficult to say no to one less scoop of ice cream a day? Is it really that difficult to start getting active for 20 minutes every couple days? Well the answer is absolutely not. It’s not difficult at all and if you think otherwise then you’re just making bad excuses.

Right around this time of year you start to hear people saying “oh I reeeally shouldn’t be eating this” as they continue to stuff their face with whatever it is. Late January is a time when resolutions begin to fade and the same old behavior sets in. I talk to people all the time about how to be strict with yourself and your diet and exercise goals and when I ask people why they don’t achieve them I get answers like “well it’s just impossible to refuse a brownie!” or, “I just literally don’t have the time to exercise”. Wake up people. It’s not impossible to refuse a brownie, how about you just say no and don’t pick it up and put it in your mouth? And you literally do have the time to exercise because if you didn’t that would mean that you don’t have 20 minutes of free time a couple days a week in the entire 7 day week. If that were really the case you’d be running yourself into the ground with either work, which doesn’t sound healthy, or what is probably the case, Netflix.

The beauty of setting goals that are attainable is that you are allowed to start small. If you typically have 7 Nutter Butter cookies a day, say no to 4 of them and just have 3 cookies a day. If you don’t work out at all, set a goal to say yes to 20 minutes of exercise for 3 days a week. Which gives you Saturday and Sunday to exercise and only 1 day during the week to find 20 minutes of spare time. Once you realize how easy it is, your “Will Power” begins to grow. You’ll start seeing positive results and then you’ll find yourself turning down more junk food and finding more than 20 minutes of free time to exercise. It becomes addicting and it becomes easier. There’s a reason why magical 500 calorie-a-day starvation diets don’t work. It’s because it’s too much of an abrupt change that makes it extremely easy to cheat and give up on. Small steps that change your current habits will eventually grow and change to become your own lifestyle. You’ll say no to more negative aspects of your life and you will say yes to more positive ones because you can see the change happening right before you.

You can’t go from 0 to 100mph immediately. No matter what car you’re driving, you’ll need to hit every mile-per-hour in between to reach your top speed. So start slow, and your progress will accelerate, moving you faster and faster toward the finish line of a strong will and way of life.

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