The Importance of Looking Up

We all need to take a second to look up, right now. Away from your computer, phone, or whatever you’re looking at to read this. Even if you are sitting inside, look around you. Just for a few seconds.

Our world is becoming so inside of ourselves it’s scary. All we seem to do is look into ourselves and our phones that even the simplest things like looking up, are becoming more rare.

Taking a moment to look up and around you forces you to step out of your own little world and puts you in everyone else’s. It allows you to see the beauty of your town, neighborhood, city, and even more importantly, the human race.

Looking up allows you to appreciate many things we take for granted over time. It’s humbling to recognize just how small we are in relation to the whole world.   We spend almost all of our time inflating our personal world, giving ourselves the impression that we are better than everyone, that our time is more important that everyone else’s. The truth is that none of those are true.

You alone cannot be great, all powerful, or all important. It’s the things around you, the people, the architecture, the environment, that all shape who you are and help you live the healthiest, strongest, and happiest life you can, and that needs to be recognized and appreciated. Not forgotten. Thinking that you’ve done it all by yourself is naive.

So look up, appreciate the life you’ve been given and step out of your own small world and join us in the one that gave you all that you have, and all that you’ve yet to discover.

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