The Importance of Gratitude

I recently went away on vacation with some friends and after no more than ten minutes upon arriving at the resort I could not stop telling myself how lucky I was. How lucky to have been able to afford a vacation like this, how lucky to have friends who could come with me, and just how lucky I am in general to be alive and have the life I have.

The volumes of gratitude that overcame me also made me extremely happy. Because it is so unbelievably important to recognize the things you have in life – all that you’ve been given, all of the help you’ve received along the way, and to have the ability to do the things you do. If we lose sight of where we came from, what we’ve been given, and what we have, we can become greedy, unappreciative, and unhappy. Expressing gratitude also makes us humble. We can understand that we did not do this all on our own. The help we’ve been given along the way made us who we are and has given us the opportunities that we have had. Most importantly, gratitude can help us recognize that not everyone has what you have.

The importance of this post is not only in gratitude for the material things like a vacation. It is about everything in life. Because if it is not material things, it may be good health, or happiness, or just your physical life in general. Being thankful for everything about your life gives you perspective. Every single one of us is extremely lucky to be here on this earth, but not everyone is lucky enough to go college, get a job, and live in an apartment in a major city. Not everyone is lucky enough to have good health, a family, and food on their table. Taking these things for granted if you have them will lead you to devalue what has been handed to you because you just expected it as the norm, and you will live life expecting these fortunes (your health, money, and whatever you have) to last forever, unchanged. If you’re lucky, they just might last forever, but for some, this will not be the case. And if that happens you won’t know how to make what you do have work, and you won’t be able to choose to be grateful for the other aspects of your life that you do have, because you have been taking them for granted the whole time.

If you’re feeling that you don’t have things to be grateful about, which right away I will tell you that you do because you’re alive in this world, there are many of ways in which you can create things to be grateful about. If it is money you seek to be grateful for, make attainable, realistic goals to gain wealth by dedicated hard work and persistence. If it is good health you seek, do just the same. If it is friends, again, do just the same. Dedicated hard work and persistence is the key to achieving any goal. It’s how and what you focus your hard work and persistence towards that dictates what you are going to achieve.

So be grateful. Don’t forget who has helped you every step of the way from birth to now, and thank them. And thank yourself for being a hard working, persistent individual who won’t stop until you get what you will be grateful for.



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