Why I Love Being Happy

I’ve written a lot of posts on happiness, but I’ve never really talked about the reasons why I personally love being happy, and the benefits of happiness that I truly believe in and practice every day.

Being a generally happy and positive person means that it takes a lot to get you down. If you wake up with a smile on your face every morning, even if you have to force it some days, it sets the tone for the entire rest of your day. Knowing that you were able to even wake up on this earth should put a smile on your face, and for that fact alone you should be happy and grateful.

Taking that smile with you throughout the day is also something that I love. Finding things to be genuinely happy about even in a time of stress is an important skill to have.

But happiness isn’t always about finding a silver lining, it’s about making one. 

For the average person, it is difficult and near impossible to search for and find happiness in a difficult situation. For the optimist and the happiness creator, positivity lies within everything that he or she does. There’s no searching to find it, it’s there, and a happy person brings it out and can create it from seemingly nothing.

The positive effects of happiness on everyone around you brings me even more joy because people take notice of your outlook on any given situation and life in general, and want to adopt it. And that smile that you put on your face at 7:30am is still with you, and you’re sharing it with everyone you pass, with the goal of making them do just the same.

Being happy makes me realize what the important things in life are to me, and how fleeting and unimportant negativity is. We shouldn’t be spending our time dwelling in the negative when there is so much to be happy about. And if you spend most of your time being positive, you’ll do whatever you can to rid any negativity in it because you don’t spend you life thinking “this is just the way things are”, or “I’m sure it’ll go away on it’s own”, because the happy person knows better.

So begin each day with a smile on your face. It’s 7:30am, what could you possibly have to complain or be negative about yet?

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