Afraid of the Rain

There’s a whole lot of people who, when it rains, can’t seem to stop complaining about how much they hate it and how annoying it is. Sure, days or weeks of non-stop rain can be a nuisance, but I’m talking about even the one or two rainy days out of the week, lots of people can’t stand it.

“Rain serves no purpose” or “It literally makes things so difficult” and anything in between seems to be the classic complaints of a rain-hater. I’m here to tell you today about why we should all grow to love and cherish the rain, along with many things in our lives.

I love the rain because it not only is a free watering for the plants, it is also a free watering for the dirty streets and sidewalks that we walk on every day. It makes those areas a little cleaner for us to use and it’s a nice little wash that a lot of sidewalks don’t get. Especially in the city.

It also keeps the busyness down. The rain usually means fewer people on the streets, making it a great opportunity to walk around “bump-free” and have a very pleasant and peaceful experience.

Above all, I love the rain because it is a natural part of our world, and a necessary one for the survival of our ecosystem. And because that is the case, why should we spend our time complaining about something that is entirely out of our control, and something that actually is an extremely important part of our world – much greater than our little selfish lives.

When we complain and create negativity around an uncontrollable facts and elements of life, we’re wasting time from creating positivity around those same uncontrollable things. There are so many aspects of our lives that we can’t control. And while that may be scary, it in no way means that we should be afraid, complain, and create a negative situation out of them. And the reason why is because like I said, there out of you control. Get use to those things, make peace with them, make them positive, and move on.

So if it’s raining, get an umbrella. Now go take a walk on the clean, quiet street and be thankful that the environment that supports your entire life is stronger, healthier, and happier due of the very thing you’re complaining about because your hair got a little wet.

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