Bad Days at the Gym

What if I told you bad days at the gym are actually a good thing?
We all have those days where our minds are out of it, we’re tired, we’re feeling a little under the weather, and our training suffers because of it.

I challenge you to try to change the way you think and feel about these types of sessions. Why? Because you still showed up. You knew you were tired, you knew you had a lot going on, but you still got your butt to the gym to train, where others easily failed and said “I’ll just go tomorrow”.

Sure, you didn’t hit the numbers you wanted, sure you couldn’t run as fast as usual, but you made the effort despite suboptimal conditions you were facing before entering the gym. We shouldn’t be upset about these days, because you have a very important character trait that you should be proud of.

We may know that we are set up to fail, we may know that it is going to be a struggle and a fight the entire way through, but recognizing that altering the routine, sacrificing long-term benefits (i.e gains) and the lowered morale of quitting entirely without even trying, are not worth it.

With training and with many things in life we work hard for, we’re not expected to be 110% on 100% of the time. Life happens, and you should let it. But knowing that you even tried, when you could have easily said no, means that you’re on your way to achieving your goals and succeeding in your endeavor because you powered through knowing you were going to have to struggle more than usual, that you were entering a battle you weren’t prepared for and might lose, but you didn’t quit.

So understand that we’re all going to have our bad days in the gym and in life, but use that as fire to gather and prepare yourself for the next fight that you’ll conquer with ease because of all of those times you tried even when you knew you couldn’t win.