[The Path] 5 Low-Impact Exercises That Have Serious Calorie-Blasting Potential

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If you want to lose weight, watch this.

This video was shared to me by a good friend and I think it’s crucial that everyone who has, or is thinking about losing weight, should watch.

What are the takeaways? Well there’s really only one very, very good one.

Move more and eat less. 

This video does an incredible job of explaining where fat actually goes when you lose weight – something that most people don’t know how to answer. But what’s more important is the fact that Ruben Meerman says point blank, it’s really not that hard. The science proves it. All of the expensive products and gizmos that are thrown at us to lose weight fast with little to no diet or exercise simply don’t work. You may see temporary benefits and weight loss, but most of the time these products aren’t sustainable, and you’ll end up gaining it all back.

Start by setting attainable goals to get active three times a week and eat clean, low calorie foods, and let science and your body do the rest.