Digital Double Vision

It seems like ever since the introduction of smartphones, we’ve become obsessed with pictures. Seemingly to “capture moments so they last forever”. Every chance we get – every concert, event, and gathering we snap up as many pictures we can. At the time it seems like the smart idea, so that you’ll have those pictures and memories to look back on. But how many of us actually look back at every single picture we take? 

I’ve found that when I’m at a particular event, I have this double vision – looking through my phone screen to see what is actually bigger, brighter, and clearer behind it if I just put the phone down. 

Because sometimes what’s more important than being able to remember a moment, is to actually experience the moment so that the memory is engrained in your mind from your own immersion in the moment instead of spending the whole time trying to get the focus and lighting just right through a screen.

I’m not saying that taking pictures or videos on our smartphones is bad, in fact I love doing it. But what I am challenging us to do is to be more mindful of the frequency of those captured moments, and whether or not the actual moment itself is worth experiencing more than something you probably won’t look back on after you take them and share a few on social media. 

Don’t feel like you have to take pictures and videos of everything. Because if you do you’ll spend all of your time with digital double vision instead of using the gift of sight and all other senses to create a memory that’s much richer than anything a cell phone could capture.

If you focus on immersing yourself  in and experiencing moments instead of trying to document them, you might find yourself living a stronger, healthier, and happier life because of it. 

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Thankful for the Common Cold

Yes, even getting sick has a positive side.

Before I go any further, I want to clarify that I know most sickness are serious and difficult to deal with, and these are not what I’m addressing in this post. But almost because of that fact alone, there are a few reasons why I am actually thankful for the occasional common cold, and why you should be too.

While annoying, having a cold actually makes you realize how happy you are and how thankful you are when you are in good health. We often times take for granted that most of us have relatively healthy lives, free of the many serious illnesses that millions of people are affected by every day.

The cold is a relatively non-serious infection that gets us to temporarily snap out of this mindset and force us to remember how much we should value our good health and how serious we should be about taking care of our bodies in order to prevent injury and sickness in the future.

Think about it, the last time you got a cold, what did you do? You started drinking lots of water, paid more attention to what you ate, you drank less alcohol, you got to bed early, and sure, you probably took some sort of anti-inflammatory and a bit of NyQuil, but the point is that you immediately started to take care of yourself.

After a week or two of this behavior, your cold was gone.

Now, aside from the reactive OTC drugs you took, if drinking lots of water, eating well, consuming less alcohol, and sleeping more all helped you get rid of sickness, you best believe that taking those measures proactively can help you prevent sickness.

Getting a cold not only makes you realize how much you value not being sick and how you shouldn’t take good health for granted, but it also teaches us how we should live and treat our bodies to help prevent further sickness. Now most of us get rid of the cold and then are back to our old behaviors of a bad diet, less water, more alcohol, and less sleep, but we need to keep these illness curing behaviors in our lives constantly and proactively in order to prevent sickness and ultimately live a healthier, stronger, and happier life because of it.