Having Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach

There’s a saying I always think of when I take too much food in a buffet line: “My eyes were bigger than my stomach”. And it seems like no matter how many times I’m in this situation and I say this to myself, I have a hard time learning to take less food. 

One of the more recent times I was in a buffet line I thought about this pretty hard. I took my plate and I quickly glanced down the line to see exactly what it was that looked good to me to help me scoop out proper proportions so that I knew I would finish everything I put on my plate, and get a little bit of everything. 

This saying, though, really started to mean a lot more to me as time went on. Because I think many people, myself included, often find themselves constantly seeking out new opportunities and grabbing for each one right as they come. Not realizing the amount of work involved later, or failing to taking into account other opportunities that may come our way in just a short amount of time, and sometimes they are ones that we may actually want more. 

When we take too much food and put it on our plate, we don’t leave room for the unknown that is ahead. We’re hungry, opportunists, and in the excitement of the moment when our salivary glands are pumping, reason subsides and impulse takes over.  

Sometimes we get lucky – what happens to fall on our plate at the beginning of the line ends up being the thing we want most and most of, and we don’t even take some items later down the line and instead just focus on that one main dish. But most of the time, we forget about all of the sides. The smaller, more manageable portioned foods that come in more variety, which too are very tasty. 

So when we sit back down at the table, we’re left with huge plate fulls of entrees with very little on the side.

So we start eating ravenously and with passion on something that seemed so exciting all but a few minutes ago, but then we’re left with a whole other piece of steak that we didn’t finish since we took too much at the start. 

All of this time and space we used to fill up our stomachs with this seemingly amazing food is soon not even finished and we’re left with half eaten portions, with nothing else to pick at. 

And it’s those side dishes we don’t make enough room for that often times compliment and make the main dish taste even better. 

We need to remember that there are times where spontaneity and impulse should be encouraged and cherished. There are times when it’s great to take everything on at the risk of not finishing it later. But we must also remember that a quick glance at what might be ahead can help us take on and pursue smaller, more manageable projects/tasks that still lead to the same larger goal of being satisfied and successful in our own way.  

We can always get seconds if we want more, so we should always plan on finishing our firsts. And when we go back for more we’ll be even more informed and careful about what it is we really want the next time around. Or we may find out that we’re full enough as is. 

All to say that with food and with life’s opportunities and ventures, a careful and rational assessment of what may come to help choose, realize and take on what is most important to us, will help us live a stronger, healthier, and ultimately happier and more satisfied life. (And stomach.)

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Being Positive vs. Being Happy

I find myself getting caught in the habit of using “positivity” and “happiness” in the same context, to mean very similar things. But I’ve quickly realized that these two words don’t mean the same thing, and don’t always necessarily go hand in hand.

There’s a big difference between someone who is positive versus someone who is happy. Someone who is positive always expects the best to come. It takes a lot to beat down the positive person with negativity because every situation can be turned into a good one.

However this doesn’t mean that he or she is actually happy. Because positivity is a character and an outlook, while happiness is a state. It’s easy to be positive and still be generally unhappy with circumstances or situations. The positive person just may not voice them openly and actively. Now in my opinion, a positive person will always be generally happier than the negative, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Being happy means that you are feeling or showing content. There are many degrees of happiness, just like there are with positivity, but the happy scale has a much larger range and carries value.

You can be happy but be a negative person just as much you can be happy and be an extremely positive person. This is because happiness is circumstantial and situational, being a positive person is something you adopt and is a part of your whole being, happiness is weighed.

I consider myself a happy person, I feel that most aspects of my life I am very happy about. But there are things I am also unhappy about. I am also a very positive person, which has no scale because of the fact that it is an outlook.

You can always be positive, but you can’t always be happy.

But that’s okay.

Because when you’re a positive person, the negatives and unhappiness gets beat down and becomes minuscule compared to your overwhelming positive and happiness for things in your life.

You don’t always have to (and can’t always) be happy, and it’s important to address and recognize your sadness. We feel emotions for very specific reasons. Bottling them up to always put on a facade of happiness will always do you more harm than good. But you can even be positive about your sadness, knowing that things will get better and that happiness surrounds many other aspects of you and your life.

This is the type of mindset and work required to eliminate your sadness.

Through focused goal setting and dedicated action you will be set on the path to becoming the strongest, healthiest, and happiest person you can be.

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Afraid of the Rain

There’s a whole lot of people who, when it rains, can’t seem to stop complaining about how much they hate it and how annoying it is. Sure, days or weeks of non-stop rain can be a nuisance, but I’m talking about even the one or two rainy days out of the week, lots of people can’t stand it.

“Rain serves no purpose” or “It literally makes things so difficult” and anything in between seems to be the classic complaints of a rain-hater. I’m here to tell you today about why we should all grow to love and cherish the rain, along with many things in our lives.

I love the rain because it not only is a free watering for the plants, it is also a free watering for the dirty streets and sidewalks that we walk on every day. It makes those areas a little cleaner for us to use and it’s a nice little wash that a lot of sidewalks don’t get. Especially in the city.

It also keeps the busyness down. The rain usually means fewer people on the streets, making it a great opportunity to walk around “bump-free” and have a very pleasant and peaceful experience.

Above all, I love the rain because it is a natural part of our world, and a necessary one for the survival of our ecosystem. And because that is the case, why should we spend our time complaining about something that is entirely out of our control, and something that actually is an extremely important part of our world – much greater than our little selfish lives.

When we complain and create negativity around an uncontrollable facts and elements of life, we’re wasting time from creating positivity around those same uncontrollable things. There are so many aspects of our lives that we can’t control. And while that may be scary, it in no way means that we should be afraid, complain, and create a negative situation out of them. And the reason why is because like I said, there out of you control. Get use to those things, make peace with them, make them positive, and move on.

So if it’s raining, get an umbrella. Now go take a walk on the clean, quiet street and be thankful that the environment that supports your entire life is stronger, healthier, and happier due of the very thing you’re complaining about because your hair got a little wet.

Why I Love Being Happy

I’ve written a lot of posts on happiness, but I’ve never really talked about the reasons why I personally love being happy, and the benefits of happiness that I truly believe in and practice every day.

Being a generally happy and positive person means that it takes a lot to get you down. If you wake up with a smile on your face every morning, even if you have to force it some days, it sets the tone for the entire rest of your day. Knowing that you were able to even wake up on this earth should put a smile on your face, and for that fact alone you should be happy and grateful.

Taking that smile with you throughout the day is also something that I love. Finding things to be genuinely happy about even in a time of stress is an important skill to have.

But happiness isn’t always about finding a silver lining, it’s about making one. 

For the average person, it is difficult and near impossible to search for and find happiness in a difficult situation. For the optimist and the happiness creator, positivity lies within everything that he or she does. There’s no searching to find it, it’s there, and a happy person brings it out and can create it from seemingly nothing.

The positive effects of happiness on everyone around you brings me even more joy because people take notice of your outlook on any given situation and life in general, and want to adopt it. And that smile that you put on your face at 7:30am is still with you, and you’re sharing it with everyone you pass, with the goal of making them do just the same.

Being happy makes me realize what the important things in life are to me, and how fleeting and unimportant negativity is. We shouldn’t be spending our time dwelling in the negative when there is so much to be happy about. And if you spend most of your time being positive, you’ll do whatever you can to rid any negativity in it because you don’t spend you life thinking “this is just the way things are”, or “I’m sure it’ll go away on it’s own”, because the happy person knows better.

So begin each day with a smile on your face. It’s 7:30am, what could you possibly have to complain or be negative about yet?