Want to Look Like Your Group Fitness Instructor? Then Don’t Do Group Fitness.

Working out with others is fun, exciting, and motivating. Group fitness classes can be a great way to help get yourself in shape if you’re being careful and are choosing the right classes with experienced instructors.

But if you’re struggling to get the body you want even though you’re doing countless cycling, yoga, or HIIT classes, one of the biggest reasons may surprise you.

It’s because you’re doing countless cycling, yoga, or HIIT classes.

Your group fitness instructors look good. They’re often ripped, have a great body, and look like they cycle twice a day every day.

But this is the problem with group fitness classes, and more-so, their instructors.

Group fitness instructors look the way you want to look, so you do their classes. Because that must be what they do to get them that body, right?

Partially. But that’s the problem. Group fitness instructors often don’t just rely on the group classes they teach in order to get them in shape. Often, they have their own routines and workouts that include cardio, standard weight training, and more to get them to look how they do.

This is extremely important to understand because if you continue to participate in theĀ same group fitness classes every week without variation or additional weight training, etc., you won’t look the way you want to look, and you definitely won’t end up looking like how your instructor looks.

A balanced, total body workout regimen will always lead to better results. Because:

  • It will prevent overdevelopment of muscles which will give you an unbalanced look (and can lead to injury)
  • It will get you strong and functionally useful, you’ll build a body that’s not just made to be admired
  • It will keep you stimulated, as the same workouts over and over again can lead to staleness and boredom

Use your group fitness instructors as motivators for those specific workouts, but don’t get caught believing that you’ll look like them by doing their classes more. It’ll only cost you more money to not see any more results.