Staring at your fingertips, protected by distraction

Carefully crafting and cropping your story

Racing to check out the latest update

Every time we unlock, a small dose of dope

Even in the presence of others, we need the fix

Never knowing the feeling of being disconnected

Silence, a forgotten embrace. 

October 3rd, 2017

“We are being held momentarily by the train’s dispatcher”

Eyes droop,

Lips purse,

Feet begin to tap with discontent. 

Impatience sets in,

As if eagerly awaiting a loved ones return. 

But they groan and they mumble,

For what will only take a minute. 

What is really so important,

That they must anger over such a small delay?

Their safety, health, well being – intact. 

Yet somehow tempers break like shattered glass.

“Thank you for your patience”

An unexpected jolt of inertia. 

Eyes brighten,

Lips part in conversation,
Feet now tap to the beat of the tune.

Suddenly they are relieved.